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        The Gallery Bridge is one of the most age-old and spectacular construction works created by man. It has more than a 2000-year history in China, which has been on record since the Han Dynasty. The Gallery Bridge won the highest praise in the global bridge constructions, because of its skillful craftsmanship, battle design, harmony with the environment. Its majestic appearance and miraculous charms.  Every Gallery Bridge adopts the essence of the local construction art, customs, and cultures. It reflects the culture notion, aesthetic appreciation and master hand of Chinese ancients. Each Gallery Bridge is one of the countries distinct architectural treasures.

  LONGIO watch comes from the shadow of historical skillful craftsmanship, to develop itself from time to time, using its excellent handcraft to make every timepiece to keep each graceful moment.

  We always pursues abundant creativity, seeks for ever greater perfection, and uses unique design ideas, rich and colorful designs to make superior quality watches. Each LONGIO watch expresses its characteristic notion of culture and transcendental charm.

  LONGIO watches are complex art forms composed of a blend of ingredients like originality, creativity, innovation and artistic charm. The magical combination of interior and exterior beauty reveals the perfect match of traditional and fashion elements, classic and unique features. Each LONGIO watch with the distinctive design and fashion-forward concept, sure to be the competitive art of timepieces.

  The mission of LONGIO watch is to manufacture high-end quality wristwatches and to remodel the Chinese high-end timepiece image, to create a successful international designer brand.

  The Gallery Bridge is the entrance of time, which can be touched and stands for the historical era. LONGIO watch builds a bridge between art and horologe, time and aesthetics, strength and passion, fashion and classic, to let each owner of a LONGIO watch appreciate the experience.

  LONGIO watch—devoted to the people who uphold character and the pursuit of excellence and passion.


                                                                                                                                     Mi Changhong

                                                                                                               LONGIO brand watches founder and chief designer.

Longio Watch  -  where excellence meets passion

About Mi Time Art

 Timepieces are messengers of time and also surpass the meaning of timekeeping. We treasure a wristwatch as a beautiful work of art as well as an art of the time. To produce a wristwatch is equivalent to creating an art treasure, it can travel through time and space, national borders and diverse territory. The wristwatch completely presents the classic, romantic and spiritual sustenance form. It creates a work of art which has a profound fashionable taste. 
Introduction of Mr.Mi Changhong:
  Mi Changhong is the founder and chief designer for LONGIO Watch Company since 1996. During this period, Mr. Mi Changhong always devoted himself to study on western horology and culture art of east and west. He is an expert at using innovation, unique and fashion-forward ideas to express watch stories. After launching ASMARA, TELAMON and other attractive series, now he has a series called ART of TIME, which illuminates Chinese traditional culture and connotation of art to worldwide timepiece enthusiast and horologe collectors. These timepieces express Chinese legend through the wonderful fingertip craftwork, which pours out of a high-end wristwatch designer with the persistent pursuit of horology craft production. Mi Changhong invests his heart and soul in each timepiece and creates a wristwatch that is an exceptional piece of art.

Longio Watch Founder and Chief Creative Designer of the brand
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