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Mi Time Art - National Beauty

       Peony is graceful and magnificent, this flower has the good reputation of “national beauty and heavenly fragrance”, “the king of flowers”. Liu Yuxi, a Tang Dynasty poet, praised "Only true country Peony color, bloom season, moving the capital." Peony has always been the symbol of luck, wealth, prosperity and happiness. 


       LONGIO’s NATIONAL BEAUTY collection originates from the lovely peony flower. The NATIONAL BEAUTY timepieces feature a 18K golden red carved blooming peony on the black enamel dial, swaying in the revolving time, waiting for what the future may bring, remind us of what we cherish, embrace the past, and leave us with a graceful heart and soul. 


       M.C.H. Art of Time • LONGIO’s NATIONAL BEAUTY series perfectly combines the Chinese flower art with gold carving, enamel, and other pure Chinese hand craftsmanship and presents the incomparable oriental style to the world.

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