The LONGIO timepieces are equipped with an international warranty of 12 months against all manufacturing defects.

The LONGIO Tourbillon Movements have a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects!

The LONGIO warranty does not cover any defects caused by accidents, mishandling or abusive use (knocks, dents, crushing, etc.), unauthorized alteration, manipulation or repair, or the consequences of the normal wear and ageing of the watch (e.g. scratches to crystal, bezel, bezel insert, case and bracelet; alteration of the color or material such as leather, rubber or textile)

Taking care of your timepiece

 All our timepieces have shock-resistant movements tested to meet the highest quality standards. But since a Tourbillon is far more delicate and complicated than ordinary mechanical movements, care should be taken to avoid wearing your watch while engaging in rough sports (e.g. mountainbiking, tennis, golf) to prevent a possible malfunction or damage.

 Further you shall never expose your watch to direct sunlight over a longer period of time and never expose it to strong magnetic fields, as this would affect its timekeeping accuracy.