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Longio - Asmara

  The design inspiration for LONGIO's ASMARA collection comes from the alluring African city, ASMARA.  It is a simple and unadorned city dating back some 700 years.  ASMARA means to harmonize in Teague Language.   ASMARA is one of the most beautiful and tranquil cities in Africa, it's landscape heavily influenced by Italian architecture.

  A modern blend of Art Deco elements and a fine centered Tourbillon movement make this watch a very masculine and elegant timepiece. Complex rough surfaces and the unique Roman numerals set off a shell appearance, with wonderful classic beauty.

  Peaceful life is always the perfect condition that human beings have pursued since ancient times. LONGIO and ASMARA advocate the lifestyle of peace, harmony, and state of the art.

Longio Asmara
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