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Mi Time Art - Saluzi

       The design inspiration of Saluzi originates from embellishments in Six Steeds of Zhao Mausoleu. It reminds us of an old story about braveness and loyalty. 

       Saluzi, also known as Autumn Dew or Whirlwind Victory, was one of Emperor Taizong's warhorses. According to historical records, Saluzi was being ridden by the Emperor Taizong during a great siege when an arrow pierced its breast, and the emperor was forced to exchange horses with his general, Qiu Xinggong. Autumn Dew is believed to be one of the horses portrayed in the stone reliefs known as the Six Steeds of Zhao Mausoleum, in which a man, possibly Qiu Xinggong, is shown removing the arrow. The six reliefs commissioned by Taizong for his mausoleum were placed outside his tomb on an altar meant for memorial ceremonies. 

       Saluzi timepiece adopts 22K golden miniature engraving technology, emulates the emotional moment that senior general Qiu Xinggong pulled out the arrow for injured “Saluzi”. Longio’s Saluzi features a rare and precious antique movement designed personally by the famous German watch creator Dürrstein in 1890. The watch case is made of precious 18K gold. 

       “Braveness and loyalty” are everlasting nobility。By time passed, it can make people back to the ancient age with the sound of war drums.

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