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Longio - Zhuke

       Bronze is the first metal that mankind learned to use at the beginning of history, LONGIO uses Bronze to make the ZHUKE wristwatch, which pays a tribute to the great renaissance of the art of the time. 


       A rotating bezel on the classic barrel-shaped watch case, ZHUKE uses the traditional handicraft of polishing, which has the authentic ancient bronze color and slightly rough hand feel texture, absolutely present in its original ecological way to the world. The helium valve device on ZHUKE can support within 500 m deep-sea exploration. The wide dial, the bottomless black hole and with the luminescent hands, leads people to sneak in the extreme depths, looking for the secret of the time. 

       With the passage of time, bronze material corrodes by oxidation will show mottled color, but this will not influence on the case characteristics, On the contrary, it will show the mark of time erosion. Each ZHUKE wristwatch has entirely different time mark which is given by its owner and becomes the unique time witness of its owner.

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