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Mi Time Art - Mythos(Unique)

       The design philosophy behind LONGIO’s MYTHOS white jade timepiece is derived from the phoenix mythology, symbolizing grace, luck and ancient China. Phoenix is the king of the birds in ancient Chinese legends; it is the national totem of Han Nationality and always symbolizes good fortune.


       LONGIO MYTHOS white wristwatch-the only wristwatch made of white jade in the world, the watch case and watch bracelet is made of 2.68kg of super white jade from Hotan, Xinjiang, China. They are meticulously hand-carved by a jade carving master. This process takes seven months with two world-class jade carving craftsman. One of them for screw thread watchcase and the bottom case, the other one for the watch bracelet. The design of watch case is the beautiful golden phoenix dancing on the pure black enamel; miniature engraving is adopted for the 18K golden phoenix. The lifelike gorgeous golden wings under the mellow white jade on the gloss move as if flying effortlessly. Graceful as the flight of time, the ancient mythology travels through history to soothe your heart and soul. A window in the dial allows a view of the magnificent Swiss-made tourbillon that is used in the LONGIO MYTHOS and even more, emphasizes the high approach of luxury.

       LONGIO’s MYTHOS incorporates innovation of material application for a more profound style and the improvement of function. Gentle white jade is perfectly combined with the impassioned king of the birds, which makes this wristwatch a unique work of art.

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