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Longio - Telamon

        The name TELAMON derives from Greek mythology: TELAMON was a member of the heroic Argonauts-the seafarers that accompanied Jason in his quest to find the Golden Fleece in the year before the Trojan war.


  Few brands would put the expensive Tourbillon movement and diving together, an idea which is very bold and beyond the expected utilization. The 1,000 meters of water resistance, precision, the appearance of clear lines and rich textures of the grinding are also comparable to the world's top watches. The TELAMON 1,000 meter dive watch is full of modern features and bold style. The design is inspired by the Greek myth's Inspired. These design elements combine the sophisticated Tourbillon movement and a 47-millimeter stainless steel case, creating a unique style.


  By way of TELAMON, LONGIO declares the spirit of adventure and moves forward for eternity.

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